IT has enjoyed a good run for the last 20 years, Its time for the crunch. The times ahead will separate the men from the boys. All that is free is being evaluated for the paid components. COVID 19 (Corona Virus) although bad for short-run in bourses all around. It is a nudge towards remote working.

It has been 20 years since we had the Y2K bug which gave employment to our engineering youth (year 2000). Year 2000 was time of STD/PCO calls when even the basic feature phone was not available to the elite. Over 20 years we have moved from STD/PCOs to  Smartphones with unlimited internet.

So far Information technology has had a commendable run. Its time now to look back at all those free stuff that we have enjoyed so far. Are they really worth their value. How much would you pay for email services if tomorrow they will no longer be free. How much will you pay for your WhatsApp connection. These are the questions that are slowly being asked. Everyone who offered a free service so far is now also having a paid channel. Whether it is You tube with its paid subscription plan or be it LinkedIn which is trying to push its Premium membership.

If you can still do your business utilising the free services, it’s only a question of time when you will be outsmarted by the competition. In a recession economy you  save every penny, but to ensure cashflow you also need your customer base to keep coming back to you. With the rise of Corona Virus on the rise more and more people will realise the importance of working from home. (Instead of moving out)

All your customers are now equipped with smartphones and easy to use mobile apps are giving them best value for money for going from place A to place B (Option of Uber/Ola/Rapido) or your next meal (from Zomato or Swiggy). In such a scenario at least you need a web presence that can capture all those window shopping eyes which came on the internet road to your website and what did they like, what they did not like. What are they looking for. From where they are coming from. Are they local or national or international. All these questions not only need to be asked but they need to be answered.

In such a scenario it’s not just enough to have a website  that acts like a visiting card for your prospective customers. You need an intelligent website that can answer your most important questions. It’s no longer a matter of – if you will have an online strategy but it is how soon you will have an online strategy. First mover always has the advantage.

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