Top Data Analytics Companies in India

We all know that data analytics is empowering businesses like never before. It has immense capabilities that can significantly improve a business’s overall performance and enable it to achieve its objectives.

Role of Data Analytics

Data analysts exist at the intersection of information technology, statistics and business. They combine these fields in order to help businesses and organizations succeed. (Source – Mastersindatascience)

Today, there are many companies in India that offers exclusive and focused data analytics services to businesses of all shapes.

Let us see some of the most trusted data analytics companies of India –

  • Cartesian Consulting – It is a trusted analytics consulting company, which specializes in data analytics. It aims to assist global businesses improve their performance and business decisions. Their analytics practice is strong and they mainly focus on predictive modeling, reinforcement learning, and neural nets, etc. They also use a wide range of technologies to give the best results.
  • Datalicious – It is a full-service analytics partner and technology company. It is also one of the largest Google Analytics 360 Suite resellers in south East Asia. Some of their products include the SuperTag tag manager, DataExchange user ID management tool, etc. They are the pioneers in web analytics with over 10 years of presence in this domain. They can provide smooth data analytics experience to companies.
  • Fractal Analytics – It is a strategic analytics partner to the most Fortune 500 companies globally. Businesses rely on Fractal Analytics because it enables them to take data-driven business decisions. The company offers a wide range of solutions such as data transformation, predictive analytics, etc. Besides that, it has its presence in multiple locations across the world.
  • VR Digitech – It is a well-known data analytics company of India with extensive experience and expertise in the domain. With the help of their data analysis capabilities, they help businesses to attract and retain customers as well as improve their leads & ROI. They help businesses to minimize the bounce rate of their websites and improve their overall brand image, as well.

All these companies (Data Analytics Companies) are full service companies offering complete data analytics solutions across the globe. They have experienced data analysts who can go beyond data management and help address a wide array of problems.

They not only believe in strategic research and market intelligence, but also deliver absolute solutions. So whether you are in India or any where else, you can hire these companies to improve your business capabilities and performance.

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